Radio pillole dal futuro

The students of the Technical Institute Galileo Ferraris of Verona, who attended the school year 2017/2018, participated in the competition “RADIO PILLS from the FUTURE”, promoted by Europe Direct – a local antenna of the Province of Verona – expressed the desire to share, with the young students of European schools, the enthusiasm, the importance and the awareness of feeling active citizens in Europe. The experience of the competition “RADIO PILLS from the FUTURE”, where alongside with other students from Rome and Milan, in the idealization of radio spots projected to be aired in the year 2030, has consequently also generated the design and production of a short film : “RADIO PILLS FROM THE FUTURE”.

The video tells of the fundamental steps that have been taken to “build” Europe, through the historical evolution of radio telecommunications technologies, first analogical and then digital, and their impact on the communication patterns of teenagers, with the aim of promoting and consolidating cultural aggregation among young people on the European continent. The strong message that emerges from “RADIO PILLS FROM THE FUTURE” guides the spectators to the importance and the role that communication plays through radio media, and therefore not just social networks, but the desire and willingness of young people to want to communicate, to dialogue, to share experiences, dreams, hopes and projects for the future of a common home: Europe!

The short film, which uses innovative multimedia techniques of Augmented Reality, will be presented to Italy on October 2018, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. The partners, in addition to Europe Direct and ITT Galileo Ferraris of Verona, are also: the international organization for the dissemination of amateur radio activities for young people, YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) of IARU International Amateur Radio Union and ARES (Augmented Reality for Education at School) , the national network for the development of augmented reality in schools of Italy. Title: “RADIO PILLS FROM THE FUTURE”

Theme: A Europe that protects, gives strength and defends “… also through radio communications … ideas are spread, projects and dreams are shared! “If you dream alone … you will leave a dream … if you dream together … the dream becomes reality …” little prince ”

Aims : To promote active citizenship and cultural aggregation among young people on the European continent, as well as participation in the election for the renewal of the European Parliament (23-26 May 2019)

Duration: 6 minutes

Location: Radio Museum Guglielmo Marconi / ITT Galileo Ferraris – Verona – Italy Language: English

YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) IARU – International Amateur Radio Union ARES (Augmented Reality for Education at School) Italy
ITT Galileo Ferraris – Verona

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