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International democracy, United Nations reforms and the role of global civil society

This is the title of the workshop promoted and organized by JEF Europe and World Federalist Movement.

Workshop, International democracy, United Nations reforms and the global civil society

Porto Alegre, 4th February 2002, PUCRS – Predio: 15 – Room 339 – H. 16,00. Workshop presented by Nicola Vallinoto (the first from the right).


Promote the globalisation of democracy. The concentration of power in the hands of the most powerful states and of supranational organisations which are not democratic and accountable has deepened global disorder, injustice, the violation of human, political and social rights all over the world. We need to democratise and strengthen the United Nations and the supranational institutions with the responsibility of "global common goods", recognising a direct role of global civil society. For an international democracy and a culture of human rights, peace and justice need democracy. The journey towards democracy has just started in many parts of the world and the rapid process of globalisation would require an even more rapid development of international democracy starting from the democratisation of regional institutions (African Union, Asean, European Union, Mercosur, etc.). Globalisation of the economy without globalisation of democracy will end up eroding even the small spaces of freedom and self-determination which exist today. What we want is the globalisation of human rights, of democratic processes, of civil society's action: a globalisation from below(4 UN people assembly)

Download the entire document presented during the workshop (4th of February) held in Porto Alegre.

See the attached documents on the WSF website

After WSF Nicola Vallinoto participated to an Italian publication titled "Le parole di Porto Alegre". He wrote the last chapter "Political power and democracy" about the contents and the projects proposed during the WSF workshops, seminars and conferences concerning the thematic axis "Political power and ethics in the new world". Read a little preview and the photo of the book.

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