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A Different and Federalist World is Possible
Nicola Vallinoto

This is the watchword under which more than 800 associations joined the Genoa Social Forum. Genoa's Federalist Movement (MFE) has participated since the beginning, when the GSF included only local groups. Its goal was to get to know quite different associations, from ecologists to pacifists, from Catholics to the people from the Social Centers, and to contribute together with them to elaborate on and build up a different world. The people who were on the streets of Genoa (just as in Seattle) are not an anti-globalization movement, as repeated time and again by the mass-media. The movement, or the movements, struggle to establish a different globalization, more mindful of human rights, sustainable development, social issues and world peace, rebalancing the gulf between the standards of life in poor and rich countries. (continue ...)

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